First thing’s first: Whenever I am given a product to review, I will clearly state it in any review or other such statement of opinion of quality.  I don’t do pay for play, and while getting presents is always delightful, it won’t impact my evaluations in any way.  Even if the FTC didn’t mandate it, I think it’s an important principle.

I’m a regular person.  Not a “guru,” make-up artist, stylist, designer, diva, etc.  I will never, and have never, claimed to be anything other than a chick who likes shiny, pretty things.  When I post tutorials, I’m not trying to say that my way is the the best, only, or even most creative way to do something; it’s just what worked for me.  Same thing goes for reviews.  I will be completely honest about my experiences with a product, service, or company.  While it’d be flattering for someone to take my opinion into account, it doesn’t mean mine is the be all, end all verdict on how something/someone performs.

I make mistakes.  So do you.  If you notice something that needs correcting, or you’d like to offer an alternative opinion or technique, please drop me a polite, constructive line!


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